marketing and branding research

Global Reach

We have a strong presence in the domestic market and have trusted fieldwork partners in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Bosch en Amersfoort which run full-service research studio's and CATI teams.

We closely work together with trusted independent recruiters and moderators. With over 15 years of international experience we have been able to select just those providers which make us and you shine.

In the remainder of Europe, Middle East, Asia, Russia and the USA we team up with trusted midsize and small size research specialists. Again: our strategy is to build up tailor made professional teams which deliver the highest quality. En passant we usually manage to do that for a competitive budget.

Through our network we are able to deliver both qualitative and quantitative services in the markets listed below:

Note: we can usually cover other markets too, just ask.


Nike Tommy Unilever Mediamarkt Landrover Visa Senseo Nestle Sheel Philips LG Mastercard Skyradio Michelin Pzifer Blackberry Achmea PostNL Sensodyne St Antonius Connexxion Bayer Longfonds Essity ASR De Heus Exxonmobil Bbraun Goudengids Niko Conclusive Carismand Nunhems Edwards Forward Merck Skopos Perleberg Wilke Plan Qurea Globrands Icare Brnd 4Discussion Invivobva QQFS Biovid Blauw